Ezra   -   Nehemiah


Book 10 - of the 11 foundational books


An est.70 years lapse from the captivity and carrying away of the inhabitants of the southern kingdom, to their first return,
led by Zerubbabel. These Jews restored their genealogy and set about to rebuild the temple, under much opposition,

Some main persons and events of Ezra

Ch.1-10 - Cyrus, Zerubbabel,  Artaxerxes, Ezra

Events - The return of Jews, building the temple, opposition from the inhabitants of the land, Artaxerxes suspends the work, the work resumed, The prophets Haggai and Zachariah encourage the Jews to complete the work, Ezra’s ministry.

* Other books during the time of Ezra


Writing - Prophets to the returning Jews to their homeland




                        Ezra 1-10


Ch.1-6 A return under Zerubbabel

1. The king of Persia, king____________ issued a decree, permitting Jews to return to  Jerusalem.

2. Besides the Jews themselves, what else did the king allow to return?_____________________________________

3. Chapter two deals with: a. numbers of the people returning b. the amount of moneys contributed

4. When the foundation of the temple was laid, the people wept and________________________________________

5. What did adversaries of the Jews first try to do?  a. kill Zerubbabel  b. join in the work  c. tear down the foundation

6. Artaxerxes orders the work on the temple to be stopped.  true - false

7. The work was resumed during the ________year of the reign of Darius, king of  Persia.

8. What two prophets ministered unto the Jews, at this time?_____________________________________________

9. The house of the Lord was finished in the sixth year of the reign of Darius. true - false

* During the years that pass between Ch. 6-7; the events of the book of Esther take place.

Ch.7-10 A return under Ezra

10. Ezra was a ready scribe in the law of___________________________________________________________

11. Ezra was upset at the Jews when he got to Jerusalem because.   a. they had mingled with the inhabitants of the land;
     taking wives from among them     b. wasn’t working on the temple

12. After prayer, weeping and confession of sins the Jews were to put away their foreign wives.   true - false

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Book 11 - of the 11 foundational books


This book records the return of Nehemiah with permission to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem, the opposition to the rebuilding of the walls, and a great revival under Ezra. Some main persons and events of Nehemiah.

Ch.1-13 Nehemiah, Ezra

Events   The rebuilding of the walls, opposition, Revival under Ezra



                        Nehemiah 1-13


1. How does it affect Nehemiah when he learns that the wall around Jerusalem was broken down and the gates burned?

2. What was the name of the king that gave Nehemiah permission to return to Jerusalem, with letters of safe passage?

3. Nehemiah inspects the walls and gates under the cover of darkness.  true - false

4. Sanballat was eager to help Nehemiah.  true - false

5. Ch.3 concerns the cost of repairing the walls.  true - false

6. Sanballat and Tobiah ridicule the work.  true - false

7. At times the opposition to building the wall was so intense that half of the workers  had to be armed, while the other half
    worked. true - false

8. Why was Nehemiah angry at some of the rich Jews?__________________________________________________

9. Sanballat sent Nehemiah a letter, accusing Nehemiah and the Jews of rebuilding the wall, to rebel and make Nehemiah
     their a. high priest b. king c. god

10. How many days did it take to complete the work on the wall?__________________________________________

* Ch.8-10 Revival under Ezra

11. Ezra was a__________ as well as a scribe. a. priest b. prophet c. king

12. Ezra read to the people the law that God gave to Moses. true - false

13. What happened with all the people of Israel on the 24 day of the month?_________________________________

*Ch.12 some events of-

Dedication of the wall, Temple procedures restored

*Ch.13 some events of-

Israel separates themselves from mixed multitude (foreigners), Sabbath rest restored, Law against intermarriage with other people enforced.

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